The Fision: Blockchain-Traced Clothing for a Better World

• The Fision is a company using blockchain technology to create and sell T-shirts made from trustfully sourced cotton.
• Blockchain can be used to ensure the traceability of goods and materials, making sure that the items used are not stolen or obtained through illicit practices.
• The Fision is a B-Corp that uses Good Earth Cotton – promoting soil health and sustainable farming methods.

The Fision Leverages Blockchain Technology

The Fision is a company utilizing blockchain technology to create apparel, specifically T-shirts, that are sourced with trustfulness. Through this technology, they are able to track each item in their line with full transparency and traceability from start to finish.

Blockchain for Traceability

The use of blockchain goes beyond just powering the crypto industry; it can also be used to guarantee the validity of goods and materials used in production. This allows consumers to have peace of mind knowing that what they’re buying was not stolen or acquired through unlawful practices.

The Fision Is A B-Corp

As a B-Corp, The Fision has tied itself to a specific social cause or environmental issue as part of its mission-driven values. In particular, their T-shirts come from 80 percent Good Earth Cotton – which promotes soil health through sustainable farming methods – making them climate positive leaders in the industry.

CEO Josh Gelder’s Statement On The Matter

Josh Gelder – CEO of The Fision – commented on their goal being “to showcase to consumers and our peers alike what is possible utilizing tomorrow’s technologies today so that it becomes the industry norm of the future.“ He added his hope for inspiring change, sharing what they uncover and encouraging other brands to do the same when it comes sustainability in fashion manufacture.


By leveraging blockchain technology along with sourcing from Good Earth Cotton, The Fision hopes to make real industry change by bringing transparency into fashion manufacture while still adhering to its mission driven values.