Bitcoin Price Surge: Will It Cross $25K? Find Out Now!

• Bitcoin crossed the $23,000 price target a couple of days back and briefly reached past $24,000.
• Ethereum also saw a surge in value, almost reaching $1,700 but it failed to break through this resistance level.
• On Friday there was some profit booking in Bitcoin and other altcoins after the interest rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Bitcoin Price Reaches New Heights

Bitcoin recently reached a new milestone when it crossed the $23,000 price target and briefly reached past $24,000. This caused an excitement across crypto markets as investors anticipated that the token may soon reach its all-time high of over $25k.

Ethereum’s Rally Stalls

Ethereum also saw a surge in value, almost reaching $1,700; however it failed to break through this resistance level which could indicate a possible correction in prices.

Fed Rate Hike Causes Profit Taking

The day before the jump in Bitcoin value, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate – which some investors saw as a dovish move; however Fed Chairman Jerome Powell noted that inflation is still elevated and more evidence is needed before they can confidently say inflation is approaching its 2% target. As expected this affected crypto markets where Bitcoin dropped 2%, while Ethereum dropped more than 2%. Other altcoins showed mixed results with some trading lower and few trading higher; total trading volumes were flat at around $61 billion.

Will The Imbalance be Cleared?

Investors are now wondering if bitcoin will cross the crucial hurdle of $25k anytime soon or if it will remain between its current levels of $23k and 24k for sometime longer due to market imbalance caused by recent events such as Fed rate hike or rise in stock prices etc.


The near-term future of bitcoin remains uncertain at present time; however investors should keep an eye out for any developments that could affect its pricing behaviour either positively or negatively so that they can make informed decisions about their investments accordingly