Author of „Pai Rico, Pai Pobre“ believes that Bitcoin will reach $50,000 next year

It is not now that Robert is a great defender of Bitcoin and investment in digital assets as a way to protect his personal wealth.

The celebrated author Robert Kiyosaki, writer of the book Pai Rico, Pai Pobre, and one of the world’s largest financial gurus, believes Bitcoin Bank will reach $50,000 next year.

According to the author, the two main motivations for the high will be the adoption by institutional investors and the global financial uncertainty.

On his Twitter, Robert uses to post several advices about investment, besides demonstrating his political opinion about different topics. In a tuite of last December 13th he spoke again about investments and, mainly, about the possibility of Bitcoin high.

„I am happy that I bought Bitcoin. Next stop at $ 50 thousand. A mountain of institutional money is coming in 2021. Buy under $ 20,000. IF you missed the Bitcoin opportunity, buy silver. The silver is to be valued because of the new AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) Green Agreement. America is in trouble. The Future is bright for gold, silver, Bitcoin and entrepreneurs“.

It is not now that Robert is a great defender of Bitcoin and investment in digital assets as a way to protect his personal wealth. Although he has already been critical of Bitcoin, he has been defending the digital currency as something solid and secure, especially in times of financial uncertainty.

During the month of December Bitcoin had a bit of difficulty in maintaining a clear trend, but it gives signs that it is in a time of consolidation in the $ 19,000 range.

Recently the currency has been testing new levels of resistance and forming less discrepant minimums. This is a good sign, as other traders have pointed out.

„Bitcoin resistance being retested many times with higher lows is extremely high“.

In addition, we are seeing an increase in futures positions, which recently reached the $1 billion mark.

It seems that everyone is betting on the growing institutional presence for the increase of Bitcoin during the next year. This is a theory shared by many more people than the author of Pai Rico, Pai Pobre.

Recently even JPMorgan analysts have drawn attention to the possibility of an increase in institutional participation in the future.

Different companies, some even century-old, are now betting on Bitcoin as an important reserve of value. As they are high capital companies, they can represent a great increase in demand.

With institutional demand and the scarcity of Bitcoin, the price tends to rise. If all bets are correct, then Robert Kiyosaki’s forecast of Bitcoin at $50,000 may even be very shy.